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Friday, October 4, 2019

October 4: Autumn Chicken Salad

The other night we bought one of those convenient ready-to-eat rotisserie chickens from the store. Those things are really a bargain. The work is done for you and you pay less than you’d pay for the same size raw chicken. I love using them for nights I’m in a hurry, or if I’m making some kind of soup or casserole. 

This latest one was so plump we were able to enjoy it for dinner AND there was still tons leftover. I decided to turn it into a lunch option by making some chicken salad with it. Chicken salad isn’t something I make very often, but on occasion, I find myself in the mood for it. 

I wanted to infuse an autumn vibe into it, so besides the more classic staples like celery, onion, and a little mayo, I reached for apples, a honey-infused yogurt, and some dried cranberries & cherries, plus some almonds for crunch. 

And it came out really well, if I do say so myself!

Autumn Chicken Salad


2 cups diced or shredded chicken 
2 stalks celery, diced
2 green onions (whites and light green only), diced
½ medium apple, chopped
¼ cup Craisins
1 teaspoon hot sauce
1/3 cup Chobani honey Greek yogurt 
2 Tablespoons mayonnaise
         *(you could sub all mayo or all Greek yogurt, too – I used just under ½ cup total) 
1/3 cup Almonds & fruit blend (I used Blue Diamond Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tart Cherry blend) but if you don’t have that, you could substitute:
*¼ cup almonds, roughly chopped AND 1-2 Tablespoons dried cherries 


1.     Chop all your add-ins and set aside.

2.     Whisk together the yogurt, mayo, mustard, and hot sauce and set aside. 

3.     Combine add-ins and chicken, then pour the dressing on top. Toss to coat.

This chicken salad is wonderful served alone, atop salad greens, or on toast. It’s got a pleasant sweetness from the honey flavored yogurt and apples, but it also offers some heat from the hot sauce and ghost pepper almonds. There’s tang from the yogurt and the dried fruits, and crunch from the apple and almonds. For me, it hits all the right notes, and was a great way to use up the rest of the rotisserie chicken. 

If you have leftover chicken, why not try turning it into this fall treat? 

It's supposed to be a lovely fall weekend--perhaps a picnic among the foliage is in order?

Enjoy your lunch!

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