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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

October 23: Cupcake Trio Day 2 - Monster Lookout Cupcakes

Yesterday I showed you how to decorate Mint Swamp Thing Cupcakes. (For the introduction and the buttercream recipe, please visit that post!) 

Today I want to show you how to decorate the Monster Lookout Cupcake. Though they weren't modeled after them, I can't help but find them just a tad reminiscent of these guys, don't you think? Yep yep yep yep yep yep.

Again, you’ll need cooled, baked cupcakes and vanilla buttercream to start.

Extra Ingredients for this Recipe:

Blue gel food coloring
Pocky – 2 sticks per cupcake (I used Cookies and Cream and Strawberry flavors)
Mini eyeball candies (8 per cupcake) 

Tint the vanilla buttercream (or, if you are dividing your recipe like I did, tint ONE PORTION of buttercream) with blue gel food coloring. 

Use a knife to place a small dollop of frosting to the end of each Pocky to serve as “glue.” Gently attach an eyeball candy to each end and set aside to set while you frost the cupcakes.

Fill a piping bag with the blue frosting and insert a coupler. Add a Wilton 21 (open star) tip. (Later, we'll swap it out with Wilton 8.)

Working along the outside edge, place the tip gently against the cupcake and squeeze, pulling upward. After you go along the outside edge, move inward and fill in. Then, go back and build another layer on top of that layer, working on filling the gaps. Note: You are NOT aiming for uniformity in size or shape. Some of your stars can be short and squat, others can be taller and more conical. 

Frost HALF the cupcakes with that tip, then replace with the Wilton 8 (round) tip. Follow the same process to frost the cupcake, making the same upward motions and building the height. Again, it shouldn’t be pretty or uniform—it’s supposed to be a monster!

Insert two Pocky eyeball sticks (eyeballs should be at the top, obviously) into each cupcake, in something of a V shape. Then place 6 eyeball candies randomly in the icing. 

Wait until you SEE how simple these are! 

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