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Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17: Fall Fruit-Infused Water

I've been posting a lot of sweets on here. And other junk. It tastes good, for sure, but we really shouldn't be eating like that on a daily basis.

So today? I've got something to refresh, replenish, and rehydrate you.


But not just any water--fruit-infused water.

And not just any fruit--fall fruits.

Think of it as sangria...without the booze.

Whenever I go to visit my good friend, Erin, I am treated to fruit-infused water. She makes a sweet and refreshing strawberry-mint, a zippy lemon-lime, sometimes a decadent peach-raspberry. (What? Water can be decadent!) They're all a delight and I always feel like I'm visiting a chi-chi spa as I sip. She usually has two different varieties in her fridge at one time so it feels extra special. Because...choices! She preps whole pitchers and keeps them chilled to drink from over the course of a day. If someone hogs most of the strawberry-mint water--hypothetically speaking-- she only needs to add more agua to the already-cut fruit and it infuses in no time at all. Whew!

Every time I go, I think to myself, "I should do this at home!" but then I don't. At least, not in a pitcher. Though I *did* ask for one of these fun water-infuser bottles last Mother's Day and my fave thing to toss in there is cucumber. Mmmmmmmmm. 

Over the course of my day, I pretty much drink only water (other than my morning cup of coffee or tea), and I don't mind it plain. But I find myself refilling more often when it's infused with fruits.

In general, fruit water lasts in the refrigerator for one day-- sometimes overnight. But after the 24 hour mark, the fruit starts getting gnarly in there, so I wouldn't suggest keeping it longer than that.

I made mine last night before bed so it could infuse overnight and so I could start drinking it immediately, and already (at the 14-hour mark) the fruits are starting to break apart. Thus, by bedtime today, I'll need to bid a fond farewell to the fruits in the pitcher.

For this autumn water (the fruit-spiration I found through the Self-Proclaimed Foodie blog) I used an apple, a pear, and the juiciest, sweetest plum I've had in a long time! Oh, and a stick of cinnamon which I didn't put in until just now.

Fall Fruit-Infused Water


(optional) stick of cinnamon


1. Slice fruit. You can leave the skin on there, but make sure you wash the skin very well and buy organic when you can.

2. Put fruit (and cinnamon, if using) in pitcher.

3. Add water to fill.

4. Refrigerate.

5. Pour, sip, enjoy!



  1. I was making infused water regularly before we moved but have forgotten about it. We have a special pitcher with a center basket for the fruit but its stored on the top shelf, out of my reach. I didn't think to try an apple based water but I bet its good.

    1. It was much better with the cinnamon stick! If you try it, definitely don't skip that in there.


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