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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 11: Candy-Dipped Sugar Wafer Cookies

You know those days when you have a plan in your head for how the day is going to go and then it doesn't end up looking even remotely as you pictured it? That's the kind of day I had.

It isn't that it turned out "worse" or "better" than expected. It just turned out very differently.

It's too late in the day (nearly midnight!) for me to share the full story on here, but I'll say that we are unexpectedly getting a baby grand piano! It used to belong to my husband's grandparents (who, it should be noted, are world-famous musicians. Seriously. His grandfather was the principal cellist in the NY Philharmonic back in the day! His grandmother played the viola. Then, in later years, gave piano lessons on the very instrument that will soon dominate the limited space in our living room.) It needs some tuning, for sure, as it hasn't been played in a decade, and it could use a nice polish, but it's still undeniably beautiful and we're looking forward to having it.

Because we were out dealing with that and only recently returned home, I never got around to making a treat today. Thankfully, the other day I made three treats in one day so I'd have something to share with you in the unlikely event that, you know, we had to go see about a baby grand. Haha.

So remember when I made the eyeball truffles the other day and told you I had some problems with the orange melts? Well, after I couldn't use the orange candy melts for the truffles, I had to do something with the uncooperative orange sludge. I'm not about wasting my ingredients.

Thus, I decided to try these candy-dipped sugar wafer cookies. I spotted the photo on Pinterest posted by Family Fresh Meals though, honestly, I didn't visit the blog itself to read up on the recipe. It's another one of those recipes that requires no intricate how-to. You can tell from the picture of the finished product that it's as simple as melt, dip, sprinkle, eat.


Be sure to decorate right away while the candy melt is still warm/wet. It sets up pretty quickly, so you need to work fast or else the sprinkles won't stick.

I will offer this word of warning/pro-tip: the wafer cookies, because they are so many layers, are quite delicate. Some of them were already broken when they came out of the package. Others, though, when they hit the candy melt, broke apart. (You can see in the photo above--the cookie on the far left split vertically, separating into multiple layers, while the cookies on the far right broke in half horizontally at the middle.)  Anyway, be gentle when you handle them and don't get too upset if they break. Roll with it.

These cookies were gone within two days. Because really, how bad can layers of sugar dipped in sugar and sprinkled with sugar taste?

Pretty darned sweet.


  1. I like those kind of wafer cookies but they are super delicate. They kind of remind me of kit-kats without all the chocolate to protect them (and make them extra tasty).
    Way to have a backup plan! And congrats on the new baby ;)

    1. Mmm. Kit-Kats. One of my faves. (Along with Twix and Milky Ways and Paydays...mmmm...candy...LOL) Also? The "baby" turned out not to be a baby at all. It's almost a full grand! (Which reminds me of Baby Ruths and 100 Grands...mmmm...candy...LOL)


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