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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October 17: A Trio of October-y Beverages

Today I've got a three-fer. Drinks galore!

Whenever I try to feature holiday-inspired beverages for my family, the results always seem to fall flat. Like, when I made this and even this, I was usually the only one drinking it. It took me a couple years, but I finally got wise to the fact that sometimes simple is the best course of action. And by "simple" I mean pouring a bottled beverage into a glass and plunking candy in there with it. Like so.

So I stuck with that winning formula and created this non-alcoholic treat for my kiddos. I'm calling it "spider brew."

I found these cute glass bottles (including the cap and straw!) at Target for only $1 each. I popped a couple ice cubes and some gummy body parts (I used eyeballs and fingers) in the bottle and then topped it off with orange Gatorade (because that's what I had on hand. Green or white would have looked pretty cool in there, too.) 
The supplies: cool bottles, gummy body parts, Gatorade

A cloudy close-up of the eyeball (left) and finger (that reddish situation at bottom right)
I wasn't in the mood for Gatorade, but I did have a hankering for something warm and apple-y (shocker, I know.) That's when I remembered I had something on hand that fit the bill.

At the beginning of August, my supermarket featured apple-flavored products (before apple there was coconut; presently it's--you guessed it!--pumpkin. After pumpkin, if memory serves, they'll roll out the peppermint in anticipation of the holidays.) I got to sample some of the salted caramel apple juice one day whilst shopping and, though it sounded questionable to me, it was surprisingly delightful. So I bought a bottle to save for the colder weather, for some chilly night when I'd want a sweet, warm cider-y drink. Unfortunately, the weather has been somewhat confused lately, so I've had to wait and wait and wait for a chilly night, but it finally arrived last night. Hurrah!

All I did was heat 6 ounces of the juice in the microwave. While it heated, I rolled the rim of my glass into some liquid caramel (the kind you put on a sundae) and then in some cinnamon-sugar. (Sorry for using a plate that, while pretty, is awful for showing anything on it. If you squint, you can probably just about make it out.) 

Once I finished the rim, I poured the apple juice into the mug and topped it with Cabot whipped cream (the best whipped cream in a can! it's SO CREAMY and delicious!!!), then drizzled on a bit more caramel and a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar. Voila! My favorite sips were the ones with the whipped cream stirred in. 

This would also taste really nice with a splash of Buttershots in there, if you're in the mood for a boozier option.
The supplies: Salted Caramel Apple Juice, caramel sundae syrup, whipped cream
Dipping the mug into the "rim" - winner of the "Worst How-To Photo Ever!" award
Fancy beverage in the mug that I use for nearly every drink I share on this blog
Finally, if you're in the mood for straight-up booze, I have an adult beverage option called a Bailey's Vampire Kiss. I found it on Pinterest and decided to try it. I did mine as a single-serve shot, so I made one lazy-person modification. Instead of taking the time to get out my blender to puree 1 cup of raspberries with 2 Tablespoons of sugar (which I knew I wouldn't use), I added a glob (1 tsp) of preserves in there - I figured it was similar enough, at least in appearance. If you're making these for a crowd, though, I'd encourage you to take that extra step with the real puree. *Be aware that if you sub in gelatinous preserves, they will hang out at the bottom of the shot glass rather than mix in with the shot as you drink.* So decide before starting if you want them in there for appearance or taste and appearance. 

Here's how to make this one: 
The supplies: Baileys, Vodka (I used vanilla), preserves (or homemade puree), chocolate syrup
1. Prepare your rim (or rims, depending on how many you're making). Simply dip your shot glass rim into liquid chocolate sauce. (I used a better plate on this one so you can actually see how I dipped the rim.)
Just a dab'll do ya
Dip the rim
So pretty- and what a difference proper contrast makes!
2. Prepare your "blood" puree. Use a blender to puree a cup of raspberries with 2 Tablespoons of sugar. 

3. Prepare your booze. In a shaker with ice, shake up 1ounce of Baileys with 1/2 ounce of vodka for each shot you're making.

4. Build your shot. 1 teaspoon of raspberry puree on the bottom, followed by 1.5 ounces of the booze mix. 
Raspberry "blood"
Booze on top with chocolatey rim starting to drip
5. Suck it down!
There you have it! Three easy peasy beverage options the whole family can enjoy.
Happy drinking, all!

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