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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October 24: Witchy Salted Caramel Apple-Tini

As I said in yesterday's post, on Sunday we had a little Walking Dead viewing party at my house.

My husband made these drinks and we all loved them. So much so that I wrote down the recipe so I could share it here on my blog.

And guess what?

Remember I said in my previous beverage post that adding Buttershots to that salted caramel apple juice would taste yummy? Well, I was right. The flavor combination was SPOT ON. (My husband added a few things more than *just* Buttershots, but I still stand by my assertion.)

I've named these "witchy" because he used a green sugar rim and garnished them with a green apple flavored lollipop in the shape of--you guessed it!--a witch's finger. I found the lollipops at my local Dollar Tree, sold in packs of 5. They also had them in a grape-flavored dark purple hue, FYI.

If you aren't feeling the Halloween vibe on these, they could easily become just plain old Salted Caramel Apple-Tinis with a regular fall flair. Just swap out the green sugar rim with, say, a cinnamon sugar rim, and skip the finger lollipop in favor of a thin slice of apple. Done and done!

Witchy Salted Caramel Apple-Tini
Yield: 2 martinis


2 oz caramel apple vodka
2 oz vanilla vodka
1 oz Buttershots
1 oz Apple Pucker
8 oz salted caramel apple juice (which I found at Giant, my supermarket, back at the end of August)


1. Moisten rim of martini glass with lime juice. Gently roll rim of glass in green sugar. Set aside.

2. Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into martini glass.

3. Garnish with witch finger lollipop.

4. Sip, cackle, and repeat.

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