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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20: Whimsy Pumpkin Painting

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I attended a fundraiser tonight. But instead of a boring dinner with speeches, it was held at one of those paint-and-drink (wine) places. Have you gone to one of them yet? They seem to be all over and they are tons of fun.

The way it works is this: the venue provides paints, canvases, and all the supplies you need to paint a picture; then an instructor provides step-by-step instructions as she models the painting for the crowd. All the while, you drink wine and eat snacks as you paint.

The thing I love about it most is that even if you think you have no artistic talent (or very limited talents) you discover that you're not half bad. Plus, even though everyone in attendance is working toward the same end product, the paintings come out so differently. It's fascinating to see.


 This is the instructor painting

 Here's another interpretation.
And another.

And the one at the top of the post is yet another. 

As you can see, they're all quite different even though we all had the same instruction. That's the fun of it.

I've been to my local Uncorked Artist at least 11 times in the past three years, and recreated two more paintings at home on my own by looking at the picture online and copying it. My husband and I went and did a couples painting once, too, wherein we each created two halves of a side-by-side picture (it was snowmen in the moonlight. It's so cute we hang it up each year around the holidays.) My husband--who says of himself "I'm a stick-figure guy!"--only needed that one time to get hooked. He's been six times now! I took my older daughter two years ago for one of the all-ages events and we each painted a spider in a web. She asks to go back all the time but, for kids, it's kind of expensive (most paintings are $35 per person, though some kid-friendly ones are $25.)

The point is, I like to go and tonight I went and painted a pumpkin which is delightfully festive for the season. Also, I brought some gruesome green toes and pumpkin cookies and Oreo fudge and they were delicious. The end.

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